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Hello, welcome to a little of my work.


Within these pages, a portfolio, you'll find  a collection of varied designs, photography and artwork created for fine art prints, digital textile printing and other forms of visual art. I'm seeking collaboration with designers in such fields as fashion, stage and costume design, textiles, home decor and other areas of creativity, - for example, a collection of my designs has been chosen for the creation of fine, hand loomed carpets and other work for books and fine art prints.

The Designs you'll see here, range in size from 18" (approximately 45 cm) to over 6ft (approximately 2 metres) in length, with varying widths and are high resolution for printing. (Full details available upon request). I envision collaborations where one or several designs may be combined in the creation of, for example, wonderful clothing, saris, dupattas, shawls, scarfs, fashion accessories and large textile prints. Also, I'm happy to take commissions  to create new designs or modify existing work for unique pieces with the size, colours, theme, expressive feeling and specifications according to your requirements, garment patterns or templates. Although the designs here are for digital printing, as I have  experience with silk screen printing, I can also create designs, in layers, as required for this creative medium.

​Many of the designs are examples of a specific style of design and may be one of several in a "family", within my archives. So, if you like a certain design  or colour combination and wish to see similar work, please contact me and I'll create a collection for you.

I'm excited to explore new creative possibilities and happy to discuss art projects with you via email and Skype.

Though much of my life has been involved with photojournalism, most of the Photography seen here has never been published. In this collection are some of my favourite personal images, a retrospective work of scanned 35mm film photography, moments captured over many years and, as with the designs, I will continue adding more images to the gallery, some of these will become available as limited edition, fine art prints.

Imaginings is a collection of digital artwork and mixed media, some of which are created for fine art prints. However, I'm curious to explore the potential for other forms of art, such as installations, murals and digital screen imagery. As with all the galleries seen here, the work will continue to evolve .

A little about me,...

Travelling from the land of my birth, Australia, for some years I've worked as a freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer in countries throughout South-East and South Asia, my home and main focus being Nepal. In recent years, however, I've been drawn towards digital art and design. This work is influenced by the diversity of cultures, music and people I've known,- all have taught and inspired me,- plus the never ending wonders and beauty of our natural world.

Inspiration comes with each day and I look forward happily to the possibility of working with and being inspired by you.

Lindel . ❤ 

​❀ For professional confidentiality and copyright protection of original work, it is nescessary  to use a password to view the galleries. Please Contact ​​​​​me, letting me know your possible creative interest, with your request for a password.

Lindel Caine Photography Designs Visual Art Illustration Nepal Himalayas
Lindel Caine Visual Art Designs Photography Illustration Nepal Chitwan Monsoon
Lindel Caine Designs Visual Art Illustration Photography Snow Leopard Nepal Himalayas
Lindel Caine Designs Visual Art Photography Illustrations Mixed Media
Lindel Caine Visual Art Designs Photography Digital Art

This site is currently under construction, soon there'll be more information on this page for you. ❤

© Copyright 2021 Lindel Caine. All Rights Reserved. All Artwork and Photography seen here may not be reproduced, printed or used in any way or form without my written permission. These images may not be transmitted, uploaded to or posted on other sites or blogs. ​

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